The Little Crane That Could

Android app on Google Play

The Little Crane That Could. It is the most advanced crane simulator game for iOS, offering amazing gameplay.

A realistic physics simulation gives you full control over the crane: rotate, elevate, bend, extend and grapple. It's no walk in the park, no casual game by any means. You'll need to hone your spatial skills before you will be crowned a crane expert. Try it for free at the iOS App Store or the Mac App Store, and discuss it at touchArcade.

UPDATE: The Little Crane That Could has a brand new release on Steam for Win/Mac/Linux.
UPDATE: On dec 5 2012, after 31 days of sales on Google Play, Little Crane now has 1M Android users.
UPDATE: Released: Little Crane World Editor.
UPDATE: Bram was interviewed by Geek Preview.
UPDATE: Little Crane for IOS now features a Skycrane.
UPDATE: Mac OSX version 1.2 now available on Mac App Store. See below.
UPDATE: See the iOS FAQ or the Android FAQ.
UPDATE: On february 12, 2011 the 1 million downloads milestone was reached for the iOS version.

See how the little crane is conquering the world one country at a time. Read what the press has to say about the game, and also the user feedback:

Brilliant. The most addictive game I have found! Love it. We need more games from this guy!
UK app store user review, jan 28 2011

Super Steuerung, pragmatische Grafik. Bin sehr zufrieden.
German app store review (jhg82), jan 28 2011

A very nice simulation, more of that!
Swiss app store review (RSC769), jan 27 2011

It is creative apps like this that keep me on the mac app store not bad ports of old pc games
Lisa Whitt, sep 3 2011

Mac OSX port

A port of The Little Crane That Could is available on the Mac App Store. The desktop version features exclusive content with a new vehicle and two new levels. You can discuss, or provide feedback on the game at the Touch Arcade forums. The new crawler has an extremely realistic simulation of tracks, as can be seen in the video below. Also, you can play the OSX version of Little Crane with this incredible bad ass controller.