FAQ for 'the little crane that could' (Android)

I purchased the premium levels, but I they did not unlock. There is still a BUY button displayed.
I appologize for your trouble. You have stumbled upon this bug in Google Play's payment system. As a work around, open device settings, select 'Apps', select 'Little Crane' and Uninstall. Then reinstall the game using Google Play. When you first launch the game it will say 'Restoring Purchases.'

I cannot purchase the premium levels. Upon starting the game, I get a message saying 'In-App billing not available'.
In-App billing will only work if your Google Play application is up to date. Older version of the 'Android Market app' will need to be upgraded. To upgrade 'Android Market app' to 'Google Play app' you can follow this guide.

What is the price for the premium levels?
Just press the BUY button and it will show the price in your local currency. At the time of writing, it is the equivalent of $2.89. A single purchase will unlock ALL the content in the game.

I do not have a credit card, but want to buy the premium levels.
The payment has to go via Google Play, and Google Play currently requires either a credit card, or carrier billing.

I am stuck at level 'Super PAC.' What am I supposed to spell out?
You need to spell out the name of a fictional presidential candidate. A spoiler video is available.

I am stuck at level with the chemical hazards. What am I supposed to do?
HBr, HCl, HNO3 are acids. KOH, LiOH, NaH are bases. Place all the bases on one platform, and all the acids on the other platform.

I cannot find Little Crane in the Google Play store.
It is probably because you are in Saudi Arabia, which I decided to boycott.

Can I play Little Crane with a controller?
Starting with V1.12 you can now play Little Crane with your PS3 gamepad. This feature is ONLY AVAILABLE for devices that support USB HOST. Some tablets have 2 USB ports, one labeled 'USB' and the other labeled 'HOST'. Make sure you plug in your PS3 gamepad into the 'HOST' capable USB port. This feature has only been tested with the PS3 Sixaxis controller. It may or may not work with an XBOX controller. If you want to play it with a really fancy controller then you need to buy Little Crane for Mac OSX.

What platfroms are supported?
iOS, Mac OSX, Android, Raspberry Pi, Kindle, OUYA, MSWindows.