The Little Plane That Could

Tue 23 December 2014
By Bram


This is just a heads-up that my new game The Little Plane That Could has been released for iOS, Android and GNU/Linux(64bit).

It was made available for Oculus Rift (Win64) earlier and a Mac OSX version is still in the pipeline.

Its highlights are the great physics, the convincing AI pilots and the immersive 3D Audio via OpenAL. To run the GNU/Linux variant (free to try, pay-what-you-want) you need to install its requirements using:

$ ./apt-get install libopenal1
$ ./apt-get install libalut0
$ ./apt-get install libsdl2

I've tested it with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. And it requires a gamepad to run. If your gamepad is not supported by SDL2, you may have luck with adding it to the gamecontrollerdb.txt file.