Steaming Ahead - WEEK 09

Fri 17 April 2015
By Bram

Yay! The Little Crane That Could -- steam edition is finished! So today, I submitted my game for review, and if it gets through, it will be out on April 27.

I also made this launch trailer:

I'm excited for its release. I've worked very hard for 9 weeks after I got the Steam green-light. And now it is here! I will reward myself with some Scottish Whisky tonight.

At launch you will be able to grab your Win/Mac/Linux copies at 15% discount. And last, let me phrase why this game stands out, and is unique among its peers:

The terrain is the real hero in this game! With never seen before dig-anywhere technologyâ„¢ you can shape the world. Any changes to the world will persist between levels and game sessions, and there are no restrictions: cliffs, overhangs, caves, tunnels: it is all possible.

The world size is near infinite: you can dig a hole, then drive for an hour in a random direction and backtrack by following your track impressions in the terrain. You will then find your dug hole as you left it: no short-cuts: real terrain simulation!

One disclaimer: I did not solve the problem of 'floating terrain' though... dig away all the dirt below and round an area, and the remaining dirt will float mid-air. I think it has limited effect on enjoyment and playability though, and as it is far from trivial to fix, I will leave it at this."