Sat 24 January 2015
By Bram

Programming is my passion. It is the best life-time hobby I can imagine. It all got sparked in 1982 when I played Munchkin on a friend's Videopac G7000. This pacman clone blew me away, and I desperately wanted a 'game computer'. My father replied to my plea: `No we are not going to buy a game computer. We'll buy a real computer.' To which I replied: `What is a real computer?' The answer hit like a bomb: `With a real computer you can make your own games.' The rest, as the saying goes, is history. Here's an overview of the programming languages in my life in rough chronological order.

  • It all started with ZX Spectrum Basic.
  • Then Z80 machine language (Assembler came later!)
  • Forth, using White Lightning from Oasis Software required a mental shift due to the RPN.
  • Intel 8086 assembly.

Most of the programming languages I picked up were studied as part of my Computer Science degree at the University of Amsterdam:

  • Pascal
  • Motorola 68K assembly
  • Microcode
  • Scheme
  • Sasl
  • Fortran
  • Prolog
  • C
  • Occam

And then in mostly in industry, I picked up:

  • Postscript (stack based like Forth)
  • C++
  • Python
  • Objective C

Currently, my favourites are C (I use a C++ compiler but try to use as little C++ features as possible) and Python.