Making a mess

Wed 20 November 2013
By Bram

I call this composition "Making a mess." It takes a bit of manoeuvring, but after 15 minutes of playing in the sand, the landscape looks considerably changed.

But the sad news is, I am still having a hard time finding a game play design for it. I've got this incredibly advanced simulation technology, but that does not make a game in its self. Should I just hide some treasure in the mud, and have the player dig it up? Maybe with a "warmer" "colder" hint system? Do I create a fancier version of the "Yukon Gold" level in The Little Crane That Could? I don't know at this moment.

Then there is the problem of hardware platform. Mobile is far too underpowered to do this. Even my second generation Mac Book Air is struggling to get fluid frame rates. So PC then? Well, steam greenlighting is not working out for me. And Amazon's app store keeps rejecting my PC build of Little Crane v1. Should I shelf it for a few years, and release it for iOS9 when cpu performance has increased another order of magnitude?