Imhotep, Pyramid Builder coming to steam

Sat 27 February 2016
By Bram

So, my game Imhotep, Pyramid Builder has been given the green light for publication on Steam. This would make it my second published game for the Steam network. So starting next week, expect a weekly progress report. I found this helped me a lot to bring Little Crane to the Steam market in the shortest possible time.


I will probably overhaul the game mechanic, and make it more like a traditional strategy/building game. Currently it is a build first, and then press PLAY non-interactive simulation. But I will move away from that. I think I will put the price point much lower than I used for Little Crane, Steam edition.

The visuals look a little better now, as I have added light maps. The light maps are static, and computed with the Blender Cycles renderer.

I think a Pyramid Building sim is a world's first. If you know of an earlier title, let me know! Also, the massive scale of the crowd may not be unique, it must at least be incredibly rare. I know of no game title that simulates thousands of people without pausing simulation for off-screen actors. The current implementation requires a CPU with AVX SIMD support, and OpenGL3.2 Core Profile support.