Imhotep Progress - WEEK 03

Fri 25 March 2016
By Bram

I'm working towards the release of my new game Imhotep, Pyramid Builder on Steam. As I did for my previous game, I will report on the progress each and every week. Even if there is no progress, the report will be made. This is the best way to keep on track, and fight procrastination.

Good progress was made this week, again.

I added ixes for the serialization of game state.

I improved the huts, which are now replaced by larger tents that house 10 workers, instead of the 6 in the old huts. These tents have better collision characteristics too, as the workers have less issues path planning around them.

Hooked up Remotery to find out the cause for a slow down. I have not been able to catch the issue yet, though.

Added steam leader board for the fastest pyramid build.

And the biggest new feature: player-designed pyramids! The player now directs the building of the pyramid by marking out the spots on the terrain where blocks need to be deposited. You can also use this feature to build new roadways, and ramps up steep cliffs to create short-cuts for your workers.

Tuned the path planning. The workers are now less averse to climbing slopes. Steep paths are still avoided, but less so. This fixed an issue where the workers could get stuck in a vortex of the path planning flow.