Imhotep Progress - WEEK 02

Fri 18 March 2016
By Bram

I'm working towards the release of my new game Imhotep, Pyramid Builder on Steam. As I did for my previous game, I will report on the progress each and every week. Even if there is no progress, the report will be made. This is the best way to keep on track, and fight procrastination.

Lots and lots of progress this week. I added the capability for the player to pick up and drop individual members of the crowd, which at the moment also comes handy when a worker gets stuck during navigation. Added spawning from multiple tax offices. Implemented win/lose conditions: you lose when half your population is dead. You win when the pyramid is finished.

I added steam stats and steam achievements. Currently I have these:


I also added two great music tracks, one for menu music, one for in-game music. Both pieces have a distinct North African vibe to it. So it helps you get into the mood of the Egyptian lands. I must say that adding music to a game prototype does add some legitimacy to the game, and makes it feel more like a complete product.

I've added save/load game functionality. This was a hard one, as I need to track down each little piece of game state, and make sure it stores and restores correctly. It is implemented now, but I'm not sure it's without bugs yet.

And to conclude: I also added sound effects. They are pretty neat. You can hear the workers pickup water, drop water, harvest, drop grain, pickup and drop food, pickup and drop stones. With proper 3D audio using OpenAL. If you zoom out, you hear all the action in the distance. And zoomed in, you hear specific actions.