Imhotep Progress - WEEK 00

Fri 04 March 2016
By Bram

I'm working towards the release of my new game Imhotep, Pyramid Builder on Steam. As I did for my previous game, I will report on the progress each and every week. Even if there is no progress, the report will be made. This is the best way to keep on track, and fight procrastination.

This week, the green light was given for publication, and in this week I made the following progress:

I've introduced the concept of both 'Silver' and 'Tax Collector' to the game. So far, silver only has a hieroglyph statistics title. For the Tax Collector, I made a hieroglyph, I designed a 3D model of a building with a guard using Wings3D. I generated a lightmap for this building using Blender.


The idea of the tax collector is that the food that is produced is either delivered to huts for consumption by the workers, or it is delivered to the tax collectors. When the latter happens, silver money is generated and added to the player's purse. I want to use this silver to finance new buildings, and hire new workers. The idea is that the player starts with one hut, one field, one bakery and one tax collector's office. In addition to this, the player starts with a few workers as well. To build up the work force, taxes need to be collected and spent.

I have also added panning with cursor keys (in addition to panning with mouse drag which had already implemented.) I intend to add panning by moving the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen as well, like Cities: Skylines does.

I've also added basic tooltips on the mouse that translates the hieroglyphs into English. I want to switch these off by default, to add to the mystique of the game. Figuring out the hieroglyphs should be part of the challenge, I think. I will add a cheater mode for the lazy people.