Hieroglyphic User Interface.

Tue 14 July 2015
By Bram

So, I have embarked on a new game project: A pyramid building simulator. And I decided to go hard-core on authenticity and do all of the UI in hieroglyphics. I've familiarized my self with the script, and the Gardiner classification.

And in Inkscape, I've created a set of words from Ancient Egypt, with the help of this tool among others. Here are the words for: Baker, builder, field, fieldworker, food, grain, granary, house, householdservant, irrigationworker, pyramid, sandstone, water, which are all elements in my new game, and will require UI.

As can be seen from the orientation of the birds and the men, these are reading-right-to-left variants. Stay tuned for some upcoming game play videos that will appear here. If you are press and would like advanced copies of the game, please do no hesitate to contact me.