Beta Testers Wanted for GNU/Linux buggy combat simulator game.

Fri 17 January 2014
By Bram

So... I've done a lot of work to port my game Six Wheels and a Gun from Android to ASM.JS javascript in a browser. Just when everything was working, and only networking was left, I found out that Javascript cannot do UDP communication. This means that online play in a browser is not going to work. TCP is too high latency and too slow for running a distributed physics simulation.

I don't want my porting effort go to waste, so I made a derivative port to the 64 bit linux platform. (The Javascript version is built on SDL1.2 and the linux version on SDL2.) Everything works just fine as far as I can tell, and I am preparing a release on the portal. Before I release it, I could use some testing and feedback. Grab a copy of the game here: swaag-1.5-linux64.tar.gz or swaag-1.5-linux32.tar.gz

No installation necessary, just run ./swaag on the command line. It is dynamically linked and requires libSDL2 to be installed on your machine. (apt-get install libsdl2-2.0 on Ubuntu 13.10) In case of problems, please send me the console output.

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