Children of Orc

Lead your civilization of Orc Children, stranded on a planet. Build infrastructure, explore continents, and instruct your peers.

Children of Orc mixes the point-and-click adventure game with real-time-strategy. You control one single Orc and will have to instruct your tribe on how to explore and exploit your habitat.

Generations of conflict have wiped out the Orcs. Humans, weak as they are, could not bear the thought of killing the Orc children. Some of them were adopted, most were abandoned in penal colonies. This is the story of a planet where Orc children were cast away. Relying only on their wits and determination the Orc younglings try to merely survive. Will they perish? Will they rise? Find out in... CHILDREN OF ORC!

Trailer Video and Guide are available.

Game Studio Abraham Stolk Inc.