Children of Orc, User Guide

Game play

In Children of Orc, you control one single Orc. To make the player Orc move around, simply tap on any tile on the globe. To explore the globe, drag with finger on the globe, pinch to zoom. You can pan around with a two finger rotate gesture.

An Orc can only carry one item at a time, so drop the carried item before picking up a new item. To pick up an item, walk over to the tile containing the item, and select a command on the left bottom of the screen.

All commands are context sensitive, so they only show up when applicable. To have your friend Orcs help you out, you need to approach them first and then greet one. Once greeted, you can select from a list of requests which are applicable at that time.

Your friend Orcs will make action plans on how to fulfil their tasks. If you click on a friend Orc, you will see the action plan that the Orc has come up with.


Building sites need to be marked for construction first. To do this, the player Orc should pick up a marker and stake out a site on which to build a specific structure. Some structures require an area of 7 hexagons to be reasonable flat. Once staked out, such a structure will first be prepared with a completely level surface, formed by decks. Once levelled, the actual building will be erected. Buildings include a sawmill, storage, smelter, and a smithy. The smelter produces ingots which can be used in the smithy. Once a building site is provided with all the required building materials, either the player Orc, or a friend Orc, can commence the construction, provided that Orc is in the possession of a hammer. If you start the construction of a bridge, the direction of the bridge will be towards the shortest crossing, preferring a landing place on another island if possible.


Children of Orc is a game by Bram Stolk.

Music (c)
Animated models (c)
nuklear UI system by by Micha Mettke
libSDL2 is by Sam Lantinga