Superformula for iOS

Superformula was created to have fun with mathematics. Anybody can explore the colorful universe of shapes described by a powerful formula.

The Superformula, or Gielis-formula was first proposed by Johan Gielis. The formula can be used to define a wide range of shapes, including shapes that occur in nature.

When describing shapes in three dimensions, two instances of the formula are applied, each with 6 parameters. This results in a 12 dimensional parameter space in which a multiverse of interesting shapes reside.

The Superformula app is developed as a tool to mine this 12 dimensional parameter space. By swiping your finger, the space is explored, two parameters at a time. The strength of this application comes from the lightning fast calculations used to determine the shapes. The app uses an OpenGL-ES2 vertex shader to compute the shapes on the graphics hardware of the device. This means zero wait, and instant visualization of the Gielis-shape.

Watch the demonstration video or try it for free at the app store when it gets released.

The Superformula app does not transmit, log or record personal information. The non-premium version of Superformula does use the greystripe ad network. Greystripe's privacy policy states: 'Our SDK does not provide personally identifiable information about users to us. However we do collect device identifiers, gross location data (via IP), as well as information about impressions and clicks. We also run surveys which allow users the option to anonymously report age range and gender.