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Abraham Stolk is an INDIEvidual making video games since 1982, when he started out on his Sinclair ZX Spectrum. He is the developer behind the hit game 'The Little Crane That Could'. He recently incorporated his business in British Columbia, Canada.

Early history
At the age of 12, Abraham (or Bram) Stolk immersed himself in the world of home computers. On a Sinclair ZX Spectrum he learned to code in Basic and Z80 assembly. In 1993 he got his MSc degree in Computer Science from the University of Amsterdam where he specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Graphics.

Virtual Reality
Abraham spent the bulk of his professional career as a Virtual Reality specialist with SARA, a supercomputing centre in Amsterdam, Holland. In 2007 he immigrated into Canada to work on AAA PS3 console titles such as SOCOM:Confrontation. In 2010 he became independent and designed, developed and published his hit title 'The Little Crane That Could.' Since then he never looked back with a solid 18M+ downloads for his popular game.