Frequently Asked Questions about Hover Biker

Frequently Asked Questions about Hover Biker

Q: Why do I have to pay for each premium level?
You don't: the one in-app-purchase unlocks ALL premium levels.

Q: Where do I find the game options?
To change the settings, you actually have to leave the game. Go to your device's home screen (springboard) and start the Settings app. There will be a tab on the left for Hover Biker.

Q: Why can't I purchase the premium levels? The BUY button is disabled!
Check your parental locks: IAP may have been disabled in the settings of your device. Also, you need an internet connection to purchase the levels.

Q: Level nr X is too hard, can someone help me?
You can cheat by watching the spoiler videos. With a level in progress, go back to the menu, and tap on SPOILER. An internet connection is required.

Q: Where can I send my suggestions for a new level, or new functionality?
There are several ways to make suggestions. The best way is to post in this toucharcade thread. Alternatively, you can email or direct your tweet @BramStolk if you want.

Q: When do we get new levels?
To help me make updates, please support me by keeping the game popular. You can write an itunes review, blog about the game, send a tweet, or tell your friends about it on facebook. As long as there is a viable user base, I want to keep making new content.

Q: Help! Tilt control does not work for me.
Tilt control is only available on devices that have both an accelerometer and a gyroscope. This rules out iPad1 and iPhone3GS devices.

Q: What is your favorite cheese?
Gorgonozola, Stolwijker, Tete du Moins, Raclette, Gruyere, Roquefort, Ementhaler

Q: I bought a new device, do I have to buy the levels again?
No, you can get the premium levels on any device you own, as long as you use the same itunes account. Just tap the 'RESTORE' button. Note that Apple will never charge you twice for the same product, so even if you tapped the 'BUY' button instead, there is no harm done: you will get the premium levels free of charge.

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